What if you like your vampires with a feminist bite? Check out this Halloween-themed podcast analyzing Twilight!

Please check out my guest appearance on In the Den with Dr. Jenn where I discuss Twilight from a gender and sexuality studies perspective!

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  2. […] Posted By Stephanie Rogers Published November 22, 2011 var addthis_config = {"data_track_addressbar":true}; Breaking Dawn, Part 1 opened in theaters last Friday, November 18th. I mainly know this because my sister, a self-professed “Twi-Hard” talked about it nonstop for about two weeks. She also went to the midnight showing. I’ve seen all the previous films in the series and wrote about New Moon awhile ago, and I’m well aware of the feminist criticism of both the novels and the films. I personally find the films fairly nuanced (don’t judge), and I think they invite many different, more complex readings than they’re often given. However, I’d say the series is pretty antifeminist overall. I suppose I’m most bothered by the disgusting, misogynist reaction to the fans of the Twilight Saga (who are mostly young women), and the disgusting, misogynist (and homophobic) reaction to Edward as a sparkly (read: totally, like, gay dude) vampire–as opposed to a super awesome killer vampire who, you know, doesn’t sparkle. And it isn’t surprising that it’s mostly young dudes who lambast girls and women all over the net for loving Twilight, yet it’s perfectly acceptable for them to male bond over the horrible franchise that is Transformers (and to simultaneously ogle Megan Fox’s ass, of course). This is all for another post about The Rise of the Fangirl, though, which I will write one day. At the very least, it’s important to discuss Twilight because it’s the First Franchise Film Series Ever to directly target teen girls, and we should probably look at what that means for the future of films made for young women, especially since the Twilight Saga has been overwhelmingly successful at the box office. Luckily, I found an amazing interview with Dr. Natalie Wilson, who points out some major problems with the Twilight Saga, and who blogs for one of my favorite sites, Professor, What If …? […]

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