What if you are able to vote but choose not to?

Well, using the words of a phrase very popular when I was in middle school, “YOU ARE A LOSER!”

And yes, if I saw you in person, I would hold up my index finger and thumb in the shape of an L, place it on my forehead, and call you one.

If you are able and eligible to vote, you damn well better be voting.

Vote in honor of Susan B. Anthony, who died 14 years before the passage of the 19th Amendment in the USA. (And she would most definitely be voting NO ON PROP 8!)

Vote in honor of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Beecher Stow, Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, Ida B. Wells, Harriet Jacobs, Cesar Chavez, Shirley Chisolm, Jeanette Rankin, and Cindy Sheehan.

Vote to honor the over 100 year long battle for suffrage in the US. (See an overview here.)

And, if you don’t think there are not STILL misogynIDIOTS who think women should not be able to vote, see the petition here, which has 70 supporters. At least 70 a-holes out there think you and your vagina should stay away from the polls!

As an editorial in the in NY Times argues, “The right to vote should never be curtailed in a way that disenfranchises a whole class of people.” This same editorial, entitled “Go Away: You Can’t Vote,” details the problems with disenfranchising ex-felons, parolees, and those on probation from voting. Vote in honor of these people.

And, don’t stop there. Get involved in other ways. As the United Farm Workers encourage,

Get involved with the process: drive an elderly neighbor to the polls; call 10 friends and family and remind them to vote; and/or help a candidate. It’s not too late to make a difference–candidates across the country need your help on Election Day. Call your favorite candidate’s campaign office and ask how you can help. You may also find this information by visiting their website.

Please make a difference…VOTE & encourage others to do the same.

Si Se Puede!

Vote in honor of Sarah Haskins, who created this wonderful “Target: Suffrage” video.

Vote in honor of Sara Benincasa, who does a better Palin than Palin.

And, once your done voting for the day, celebrate with the wonderful film Iron Jawed Angels. There have been so many “iron jawed angels” that have suffered persecution and arrest so that we here in November 2008 can vote and get one of those nifty little “I Voted” stickers.

So, vote! Vote! Vote!

And if you “don’t have time” or “you don’t want to go out in the rain” (it’s raining here in San Diego which San Diegans treat as a MAJOR weather catastrophe), well, you truly are a mega-wattage LOSER!

If that doesn’t do it, maybe the women below and their “male sympathizer” will remind you of the historical fight that has gone into you being able to vote. Get thee to the polls!


17 thoughts on “What if you are able to vote but choose not to?”

  1. As always, Professor, very well stated.
    It just boggles my mind that there are still so many complacent young Americans who have not registered to vote, even for this critical, epic election. An acquaintance of mine said that he “forgot” but he’ll register “next time.” Is he crazy? Or perhaps just so absorbed in sports-fanaticism and pop culture, that the state of the world and the nation mean nothing to him. Truly amazing.

  2. I’m honestly ashamed that I didn’t vote. I live at college, and I was supposed to have the day off to home and vote. But one of my class finals was rescheduled at the last minute, so I am SOL.

  3. There is no such thing as an “ex-felon”.

    Losing your right to vote is part of the punishment for becoming a felon. You don’t want to lose it, don’t commit felonies.

    Seems simple to me.

    Secondly, that petition is a joke, meant to tease the stupidity of people. Much like the college video-interview prank, where someone asked a bunch of women about ending suffrage, to see how many people thought it meant suffering.

    Research is key, really.

    Finally, no, I will not vote. The right to vote is not the obligation to vote. Having the choice is American. Being forced to, is not.

  4. CulturePress,
    Thanks. Yup, people who “forget” to register or vote, LOSERS!

    Thanks for linking this. I totally love Susan B — lesbian activist extraordinaire!

    Sorry to hear that. I feel your pain. I missed voting one year when I was out of the country and still regret that! We all have our “loser” years. 🙂

    Wow, I can think of a lot of things that D stands for, but I will rise above.

    Do you know anything about the prison industrial complex? Do you know that 66% of males imprisoned age 11-20 are serving time for killing their mother’s batterers? That’s right, protect your mom from abuse and lose your vote for life.

    A joke? Some don’t find such sexist ‘jokes’ funny. And, if you have read the comment thread, many of the misogynidiots are certainly not joking.

    “Research is key.” I take it those are some words to self? You might want to, as hinted at above, do some research on the truth behind the prison industrial complex.

    No one is forcing you to vote. But, remember, if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain either!

  5. How is it a “sexist” joke? Since when is proving that the average person is incredibly stupid, “sexist”? By proving that most people assume “suffrage” is another way of saying “suffering”, you show that people are dumb. It doesn’t make the person asking the question sexist.

    No, as far as research, that would be directed to whomever assumed that was a real petition.

    Actually, as a non-voter, I’m the only one with a right TO complain. George Carlin summed it up well, go look up him and voting.

    I don’t care about your view of the “prison industrial complex”. I find it quite easy to stay out of prison. Don’t break the law. I’d really like to see you back up that statistic you pulled from your behind, though.

  6. D,
    I was referring to the petition as sexist, not the ‘interview-prank.’

    Regarding the petition, are you trying to claim there are not really people who believe women shouldn’t have the right to vote? Take your own advice — do some research! Ann Coulter comes to mind immediately.

    I am wondering if it might be ‘easier’ for you to stay out of prison due to various privileges. Are you by any chance white? male? middle class or above? do you lean to the right politically? do you support the war? All of these privileges make it easier to stay out of prison. As for breaking the law, well, GW Bush has broke MANY and he is still free. How shocking.

    For the ‘back up’ see here: http://www.kdva.org/myths.html

    Also, you might read this about women in prison:

    I don’t pull statistics out of my ass –my career is based on research! Research is something I do pretty much every day of my life. Your insinuation that I make up statistics or pull them out of mid-air is truly insulting.

  7. Love that final Palin vlog, though I am sad to see these go… I am going to link it in an election response I am drafting today!

    “Where’s my moose?” Love it!!!

    “Are you continue to bathe in blood?” Double love it!

    You are mega-wattage funny. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

    Best of luck with your comedy career!

    And, yes, I am relieved too!

  8. First, the petition was most likely a direct result of the interview prank.

    Secondly, your political leanings and support or not of the war won’t affect you being in jail. Unless you’re a conspiracy theorist who believes the government is “out to get them” for having a different view.

    For the record, no, you’re quite generally wrong.

    I don’t lean to the right, I don’t support the war, I’m not wealthy, etc.

    If you believe being white and male keep you out of jail, I laugh at you. Heartily. I know plenty of black people that aren’t in jail, and don’t break the law. And, if you really think being *male* keeps you out of jail, remember, women often get much lighter sentences for the same crimes as men. And go to jail much less often.

    Your links don’t back up what you said, however.

  9. For denying the truth when it’s right in front of you (because it doesn’t fit your personal view), YOU would be the one in denial.

    Keep thinking that being male gets you out of jail. Remember Andrea Yates? Yeah, if that had been a man, he’d have gotten his lethal injection by now. Funny, how that works.

  10. D,
    I never claimed being male gets you out of jail. I was referring to various societal privileges and how the likelihood of being imprisoned is not only based on whether one has committed a crime, but also on one’s race, class, gender, etc.

    Your comments about ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘criminals’ reveal that you have a very narrow view of ‘truth’ — or, that you buy into the lies fed to you by the MSM and the MSG. I understand that this illusion is very pervasive and that it is unlikely you will open your mind to the reality of social injustice in our world.

    When I post links that back up claims and you DENY this is the case, who is the one ‘denying truth’ — and, not only that, but spreading hate.

    Please go find some other blog that feeds you all the lies you want to hear. You can stay inside your privilege bubble of denial. There is no hope for you here.

  11. Sure you did. You listed it in your conspiracy collection of “things that may keep you out of jail”.

    Um, no, I have an appropriate view of “truth”. If you commit a crime, you are, in fact, a criminal. If you commit a felony, you are, in fact, a felon.

    That’s life. You don’t like those titles, don’t commit crimes.

    Believing the government is out to get you, is, well, conspiracy theory.

    You backed up no claims, you linked to one source, with no backup sources. Find me statistics from the FBI.

    Privilege bubble of denial? Yeesh.

  12. Doing drugs should not be a crime. Someone needs to fight to give ex-felons the right to vote. That is inexcusable and yet crime and prison don’t seem to be on the political agenda. I was happy to hear that Massachusetts decriminalized an ounce or less of marijuana. Wonder what’ll change there.

    How funny Sarah Haskins says, “Maybe, just maybe, they’ll pick a woman VP”.

  13. First, opinion. I’m all for putting heroin users/dealers in jail, sorry.

    You are never an ex-felon. That’s supposed to give someone pause before committing a felony. “Maybe I shouldn’t do this”. If there’s no penalty for a crime, there’s nothing to stop people from doing them.

    As they say, if you can’t do the time…

    So, having there be consequences for breaking the law isn’t “inexcusable”.

    It’s not like felons didn’t know they’d lose the right to vote going into it. Do you expect me to pity someone that murders someone? Rapes someone? Aww, poor them, they shouldn’t be punished!


  14. Err, I was replying to the entry, not your posts. I really have no interest in trying to converse with someone who doesn’t seem interested in listening or learning. I get that impression because you say pretty much the same thing in all your posts with no statistics to back you up.

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