Well, no problem! How could we blame you? You were asleep, after all.

Come on, how many of you have sex while sleeping? Raise your hands!

Ok, now how many of you have accidentally and unknowingly raped someone while sleeping? Not too many of you?

Well, that doesn’t mean that the poor guy in the UK who was cleared of rape in a recent trial on the grounds he was sleepwalking doesn’t deserve to be pardoned.

I mean, it can be very easy to accidentally find a sleeping woman when you are yourself sleeping, to become accidentally and unknowingly aroused,  to accidentally rape her, and then to wake up with no knowledge of your criminal behavior whatsoever.

Come on hetero ladies out there, how many men in your lives sleep-walk around the community with hard-ons and (ooops) rape people while sleeping? It’s an easy mistake to make!

So, why all the fuss about this guy being cleared of rape charges? We can’t BLAME him for something he didn’t knowingly do.

We might, however, blame the woman who was raped – what was she thinking being there in her own home, in her daughter’s bedroom, fast asleep, all ready and willing to be raped? Boy, the ways in which women ask for it never seek to amaze me!  As if having a vagina is not asking for it enough, she had to actually be asleep too? How could we blame the poor sleepwalking guy given these facts?

Are these the kind of thoughts that went through the judge’s head in this recent UK case? Through the jurors? How in the F*** can someone be given the “get out of rape free” card on a sleepwalking defense?

Now, I admit a penis is not one of my bodily accoutrements, but from my experiences with those of penis privilege, sex takes a bit of focus – it does not seem something easily carried out while sleeping. Now, erotic dreams, (wet or dry) are one thing, but actual sex while asleep? Sounds pretty unlikely.

If sex while sleeping is unlikely, rape while sleeping seems damn near impossible. It also belies the imagination that people can violently assault, stab, and even murder in their sleep. Yet, the sleepwalking defense has been used in many such cases.  For example, in May 2008 a 28 year old Florida man was cleared of sexually molesting a 12 year old girl after using a sleepwalking defense.  Further, in 1999, the sleepwalking defense was used by a man who stabbed his wife 44 times then drowned her in the family swimming pool.

While I am no sleepwalking expert, I find this defense extremely problematic – and most definitely so in this recent UK rape case. For one, the man who has been acquitted, Jason Jeal, has NO MEDICAL HISTORY OF SLEEPWALKING. His lawyer suggested to the jury he should be cleared of charges as he was sleepwalking, noting that people do crazy things such as “going to the toilet in the wardrobe” while asleep. Hmmm, so dreaming of walking to the bathroom and accidentally peeing in your closet is equivalent to passing out in your friend’s home and then RAPING her as she sleeps next to her nine year old daughter? Unbelievable.

Worryingly, two other recent UK cases allowed “sexsomnia” to be used as justification for acquittal.  Kenneth Ecott, 26, was not charged with raping a 15 year-old-girl as he was supposedly asleep. James Bilton, 22, was cleared of three counts of rape on a sleepwalking defense in 2005.

Jane McKenna, the woman raped by Jason Jeal, has waived her right to anonymity as she is concerned about more attackers using the sleepwalking defense.  She notes, “These people should not just walk free – they should either be given a prison sentence or medical treatment, otherwise we could find more and more people finding this defence on the Internet and using it.”

Indeed, it seems just about anything can get you acquitted of rape these days. What’s next? The “hard-on defense”?  “I had a hard on, judge, it wasn’t intentional. My boner made me do it.”

According to UK law, a defendant is guilty of rape only if the attack is intentional. Forgive me for my naiveté, but I think being able to claim sleep as a defense is whack. How is it that much different from “I was drunk. I don’t remember. I didn’t do it on purpose.”  How is “not remembering” (Jeal’s defense) because one is supposedly asleep different from “not remembering” because one was intoxicated?

How would these cases be different, I wonder, if it was women doing the rape, murder, and sexual assault? I somehow doubt they would be handed the “get off scot free” card quite as easily…

Rape and sexual assault is a product of patriarchy (as this post at Womanist Musings clarifies). Yet, colluders such as Helen Mirin still use the “she was asking for it” card. When Mirin claims that women are “animalistic” and “sexually jealous,” she entirely forgets the ways in which patriarchy CONDONES and PROMOTES and even ENCOURAGES rape – does so, to such an extent in fact, that now men can pull the “I was asleep” card and get off rape charges with NO PUNISHMENT, NO COUNSELING, NO MEDICAL TREATMENT, NADA!  Absolutely disgusting.

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  1. I agree with Jane McKenna but not with you.

    It is actually very possible that at least some of these men legitimately suffer from sexsomnia, and did forcibly have sex with (i.e., rape) someone else unknowingly. I don’t think if it’s a legitimate case of sexsomnia that the man should go to jail.

    At the same time, these men should not walk free either. If a man knows he is susceptible to committing crimes in his sleep, he should be prevented as much as possible from repeating said crime or crimes. A court order should make sure he’s strapped down every time he sleeps so that he can’t rape any more than his sleeping bag or blanket in the future. And the man should also seek therapy from a sleep specialist and go in for regular treatment.

    There are definite alternatives to “send him to prison as you would any normal rapist” and “just let him go free as if he didn’t do anything.”

  2. Ubuntucat,
    Thanks for commenting.
    I am wondering why you see rape while sleeping as “very possible.” I couldn’t find much hard evidence concerning sexsomania, it only seems to come up when used as part of a legal defense – and then in the interests of the rapists — so, not much objective information out there.
    And, I never suggested prison as a cure. Eradicating patriarchy (though a difficult task) would be the real cure…

    1. Hi I um am only 14 and this has been happening frequently lately I hve been waking up humping my pillow or once even masurbating and my friend made a joke about it and I said I have done that a couple times and no one else did so I googled to see if sex in ur sleep is possible I umm don’t think puberty is causing this but I’m really worried I might rape someone now because if I can grab my pillow in my sleep and position it so my dick is being rubbed right or even spit on my hand and masurbate them why couldn’t i fuck someone whenever I wake up I’m groggy and confused as to what the hell is happening please help

  3. Sleep disorders can cause people to do bizarre and even violent things. It seems impossible, but people have leapt out of buildings and gotten into fistfights.

    That said, someone who was sleepwalking and raped someone needs to be in a sleep clinic, taking medications, undergoing treatment of all kinds. This is not a one-shot thing.

    Any defense that rests on altered mind-states needs to have attached to it institutionalization with long-term probation. Your illness has proved to be a danger to society. You lose the liberty to refuse treatment in that case.

  4. I agree with you – if sleep disorders can indeed result in such violent acts, then the people who have this problem can most definitely not be cleared and sent on their merry way. I entirely agree with your suggestion that defenses that rest on such claims must have mandatory treatment as part of the package. I still question using this defense with no medical history or evidence, though. It is too rife for abuse — too much of a
    “he said, she said” where what “he” says always seems to win…

  5. You know I have seen this defense only used by men. If this were a true phenomena where are the case historys of women being sexually violent with men? Where are the cases of women butchering their lovers and husbands? What is this a gender specific phenomena? Women seem to manage to sleep with damaging anyone. This is just another excuse to that men use to explain away their violence. I don’t buy it for one second.

    Secondly if this is legitimate, these men should constitute a danger to society. If they are capable of raping or murdering their sleep once then they are capable of doing it again. Why is there no forced treatment? If someone is found not guilty due to mental defect they are sent to hospital clearly even the legal system knows that this defense is false as they do not assign treatment. Yeah I have huge issues with this.

  6. The types of sleepwalking that men and women experience are different, which may nod toward different socialization. But we don’t accuse men of “faking” enjoyment in hunting simply because they like it more than women, or women “faking” depression because they are diagnosed at higher rates than men.

    I listened to a radio story where a man leapt through a window, off a balcony, and didn’t wake up until he was halfway down the street. So destructive behavior is possible.

    Prof, I understand your anger (and share it – I’d say the chances are reasonably good that they’re not “real” sexsomaniacs, because I am a pessimist) but lashing out against those with disabilities and medical problems, to the extent of declaring that they cannot and do not exist, is ablist and not cool at all. The same claim has been made about the people (mostly women) who suffer from fibromyalgia, those who suffer from depression, from insomnia, from narcolepsy, from Turrets, from Alzheimers and from a hundred other disorders with no “provable” symptoms, and I’m saddened to see it pop up here.

    This in no way means we have to let men unconsciously rape women, nor do we have to take reported experience at face value, but dismissing other people’s experiences of their own lives out of hand is not okay.

  7. Anita,
    Most of the stories I have heard about sleepwalking involve self-destructive behavior, like the story you mention.This is why I am particularly suspicious of these sexsomnia cases– they seem,from what I have read, to be using this as a one-off excuse. In the case the post refers to, the man has no medical history of sleepwalking or sleep disorders of any kind, nor was he ordered to under to undergo uany treatment.

    I am not lashing out at those with disabilities, rather, I am suggesting that in this case, a false excuse seems to have beenused to justify rape. In fact, this harms people who are disabled by using disability as a defense when this is not warranted. I would say this is similar to claiming insanity when no medical condition exists. These claims are abused becase the burden of proof is based on an individuals claim. This is NOT to say that disabilities don’t exist, or that insanity is not, for some people, a legitimate claim. Rather, these types of defenses are rife for abuse — especially in a culture that all too often excuses men’s violence.

    Your reference to hunting is a perfect example — culturally, hunting for sport is seen as ‘ok’. I say enjoying violence and killing is not ok.

    Also, in regards to your last paragraph, why was it ok for the jurors and judge to dismiss the woman’s experience? As Renee points out above,doesn’t the fact that only men are committing such acts seem suspicious?

  8. I’ve known two people personally who’ve had sex (among other things) with their partners (who believed them awake) while dead asleep. One of them was female, the other male.

    While I think this newest case is likely a ridiculous last-ditch defense, I think it is definitely a simple fact that people have committed horrific acts while sleepwalking. Generally if the defense is accepted, they are ordered to undergo treatment.

  9. Becca,
    Thanks for your comment.
    All this dialogue about sleepwalking and the horrific things that one can do while sleepwalking leads me to question if this is symptomatic of our many societal ills. Would such things be happening if we did not live in a society that glorifies violence, and, in particular, normalizes sexual violence?

  10. It is disgusting. In order to even use that defense, they should FIRST be required to attend an extended sleep clinic and be monitored for sleepwalking behaviors, to determine whether they even qualify as sleepwalkers. The trial would probably have to be delayed because of it, but that’s way less stupid than letting that a-hole off. Especially without medical treatment. I admit I haven’t read up on the case myself, but really, no medical treatment?? Perhaps the judge was a secret sexsomnniac himself and sympathized. You never know–apparently those sexsomniacs are all over the place! –CC

  11. Definitely an interesting idea. That could be possible, though the fact that many sleepwalkers do truly irrational things (occasionally harming themselves as well as others) does also have to be considered.

  12. Zooeyibz,
    Thanks for the comment and the link. Great point about the unlikelihood that he would have walked if he had raped a man – though especially, I might add, if he raped a heterosexual man.

  13. Consider the victim for a moment; they did not choose to be raped. They are entitled to justice.

    At the end of the day, whether this sexomnia thing exists or not, whether it was intentional or unintentional, a crime has still been committed and the perpetrator should be held accountable for their actions.

  14. Hi, I dont have alot of time right now to go in to details…I just finished reading all of these threads. First of all I am glad that I found this site, as I have found very useful things to use and think about. I am the wife of someone who is claiming to have this sexsomnia disorder. I have been violated and terrorized for quite some time in “HIS” sleep, while I was sleeping. I have heard the arguement, how could the women not wake up immediatly when this is happening to her? Well, I have some medical conditions and I have medications that I take at bedtime that cause me to sleep deeply. I was not waking up until well into the act or at the ending. Once I started to wake up more frequently to this, I went off of some of the medications without telling him. I needed to “process” what it was that this man I married was doing to me and why??? I did not know anything about “Sexsomnia” and he did not say anything about it. We only found out a few months ago during our trip to our Psychiatrist. (I first started waking up to this stuff a year and a half to two years ago and when he KNEW I wasn’t “Out” the behavior did stop for periods of time. WHen I started taking over the counter “Melatonin” to help me fall asleep.. it started again. THis time he performed “Checks” on me prior to starting. If I wasnt moving to the feeling of his touch he would then proceed. If I moved, he would freeze, then continue when I was back “out”. I want to continue writing as I am desperatly looking for opinions and more insight. So I will get on here again and continue. At this time I want to get to the finish line and then when I write again, I will fill in the missing pieces. My husband was arrested a week ago for assaulting me and my mother. I have disclosed his behaviors and the judge has granted me a 20 day restraining order. on the 20th day is our court hearing. Immediatly after his arrest, a judge gave me emergency protection orders at 4am based on what the officer reported to her, this order was to protect me and my two daughters for 5 days. I have since then received a temporary restraining order from the courts extending to 20 more days. On the 20th day is our hearing. He is out on a bail bond currently awaiting disposition from the D.A……
    Our 3 year old daughter is in the middle of why he became violent. I would not let him sleep in her room.
    when he was done screaming cuss words at me he went to lay back down on the floor. So then I took my child out of bed. He violently grabbed her out of my arms then threw me, I hit my head on the metal bedframe and inturn the bedframe and my head hit up against the wall. My daughter has a “daybed” so it is positioned differently than a normal bed. I hit the decorative back metal framework. My Mother came in to the room just as he was leaving…she was in his way, so he threw her into the room and down to the floor. She landed on her knee first. Her knee immediatly swelled. it is now bruised and full of fluid.
    Anyway I will get to my point here. He became physically violent because I did not let him sleep on her bedroom floor… THIS IS A SEVERE PROBLEM!
    If he is claiming to have this “Sexsomnia” wouldnt it make sense that he should make sure that he does not have any easy chance to have it affect one of our daughters? WHat has he done and what is he hiding?
    THat is the million dollar question. I has sent him and email (for proof in writing) letting him know that I found an incident of someone else with “sexsomnia” who ended up molesting his daughter’s friend who was sleeping downstairs in his house. I also provided the link to read more. I then asked him not to take naps with our daughter or sleep anywhere near her for both of their protection. I also asked that he look in to this more and get help for his daughters sakes. He has not done anything about this. He needs to seek help and go to a sleep disorder Doctor and go from there. He has not done anything to remedy this problem. He stopped doing this to me about 2 months ago, since the final straw.
    Sodomy…. we went to see the Psychiatrist. He was still sleeping next to me and it has not happened since. pretty Ironic? We got in a fight 3 weeks ago and he has been sleeping on the couch, Yet he started taking naps with our daughter. I do not know if he has been in her room at night. So when that came up, I put my foot down. and what insued from that brings up alot of questions…. In the chance that he may read this I have to leave some key things out. But CPS is involved and there is some possible DNA….. we will see what pans out. There is alot I left out, if you are interested in hearing more or have questions please comment.

    I will be back soon…Goodnight!

  15. I know this will be one of the first questions…. why did I stay with him and endure this night time abuse? Well….. I had no proof…. he would have ended up getting visitation with my 3 year old all to himself and I would not know what was happening. He was also verbally and emotionally abusive. I stayed because I felt that I could better protect my kids if I knew where they were at all times and they were always in MY home. Not out in the world somewhere in HIS home for days at at time where I would know nothing about what was going on. I could not prove what he was doing to me until things fell in to place in the last few months… The Doctor Identifying this disorder…and documenting it on paper. Then when the ending came down… problem was solved. Now he is gone, and the rest is up to the courts. I have 20 days to prepare my case. I cannot afford a lawyer so I have to go at it myself. This terrifies me but I know I can gift it a good try….research research research. He took all of the money and left me with everything to owe. Got an eviction notice and utility shut off notices. I dont have a penny to my name. Family has been helping us, but they cant give anymore. Tapped out. Everything was so far behind because he became careless with his money, leaving me to have to borrow from my family over and over again, only two utilities are in his name, He scheduled for the water to be shut off tommarrow and he suspended my cell phone! Wont let me have my cell phone number to take to my own account! Okay I have to go to bed…sorry! I will continue….

    1. HelpMom,
      Firstly, sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your comments. I have been away from the blog.
      Secondly, as Monika notes, you in no means have to justify staying with this man. That the woman is always to blame is one of the evil lies of our patriarchal society. You are the innocent survivor here and the questions/accusations should all be directed at him, the perpetrator.
      As Monika advises, I hope you are able to seek out local women’s shelters and women-friendly legal counsel. Please remember that the laws of the US still privilege males, and that the legal system is very adept at blaming women for men’s abuse. None of this is your fault. I wish you the best of luck and hope you and your daughter both have a future free from abuse. If you are unable to find local shelters or counsel, please comment again and I will reply offline.

      1. The legal system favors both genders depending on the situation. If it blanket favored men then divorce an custody hearing wouldn’t overwhelmingly favor women. If they are faking which I suspect her husband is if he checked to see if she was asleep they deserve to be punished, that being said there does appear to be evince that this a very rare ligitimate condition. The difference between this drunk deffence and sleepsomnia is that you choose to drink so even if they had no control it is no excuse, we HAVE to sleep. Blaiming someone for what is done when the areas of the brai that govern logi and reasong are shut down but the more primal areas are fully functioning is wrong. If they do use it as a deffence they should diagnosed and be required to seek treatment. As to why we don’t more about women with it, well most men aren’t going to complain if women instigate sex. Furthermore there have been reported casses of men who suffer from it injuring themselves from violent masterbation or even trying to have sex with inanimate objects. I researched this after seeing a documentary on it on discoverry heath. As for the missuse of this as deffence that is unfortunately aunest possibility in a democratic government the alternative is to move a country that doesn’t care about reasonable doubt or about lockin’ up the innocent as long as no one guilty gets away. However, countries like that ten to treat women worse then america.

  16. Helpmom,

    I just want to say kudos to you for all you have been through. I wish you the best during this difficult time. Is there a sexual assault centre or domestic violence centre that can offer you support? Does where you live offer any sort of legal aid?

    You write that the first question would be “why did I stay with him and endure this night time abuse?”

    There is no reason for you to justify staying with him – on this website or to anyone else. You did what you had to do to survive/cope and abusers are master manipulators. Plus, as you say, you were in a better position to protect your kids.

    I can’t give you legal advice (I’m not a lawyer) but having everything documented (dated if possible) in a chronological and as objective as possible way may be helpful. Local women’s shelters may be able to assist you with this.

    Best of luck


  17. The professor doesn’t have to prove anything. Spend about an hour on a psych database or go down to a college or university with some psychological journals, and check to see the EMPIRICAL evidence re: violence against women, the feminization of poverty, gender roles, and so forth.

    Alternately you can critically analyze some media.

    Good luck with that!

  18. No, the professor does not have to defend anything. A blog is like a home. You just stormed in here, yelled and stomped around, and demanded something from our host.

    I think you should politely go away now. Bu-bye.

  19. Battering is not mutual violence. Defending oneself against a batterer is not violence.

    And there are a thousand other things to say but you are not worth a second of my time. By the way, get the hell off my blog.

    If you are so interested in anti-violence work, stop blaming feminists – who often provide services to boys and men who have experienced sexualized violence or relationship violence, and who actually showed that this is an ISSUE (something the men weren’t certainly doing). So get off the internet and actually do something that means something.

  20. I agreed with a lot of what you said until you started pulling the “sexism card”. At that point a lost all respect for you.

    What if I started saying “those guys were only found innocent because they were white! if they were black they would be found guilt cause the jury is RACIST.” You would think I’m a dumbass. Thats how I feel about you right now.

    And that Renee person who commented is so sexist it sickens me. If you honestly think that way about men, I’m glad that you’ll probably be too androphobic to ever have kids, so society will be safe from seeing your stupidity reproduced.

    1. Rape isn’t a status crime. It requires conscious intent. However, I don’t have a clue as to how one could prove he was asleep. Guess it’s just a matter of getting the judge or jury to believe him?

  21. I’m not sure but I think my wife got pregnant off me while I was asleep. You’d think (so would I) that I would have awakened at least at climax but I didn’t, at least if what she told me is true.

    Many times I wake up early in the morning with a much stronger erection than I usually get when awake. She told me that she took advantage of one of them when I didn’t awaken and got pregnant.

    I have awakened upon climax when I was having sex with her while I was asleep, so maybe it’s plausible that I don’t always wake up? I say “having sex” as how could it be “making love” while I was asleep?

    Don’t think that I am saying that this is a common occurrence, but if I truly sometimes don’t wake up how would I know?

    I do have some history of sleepwalking. Back when I was a teenager, about 16, I slept in the laundry room in the basement. My mother heard me going out the back door, caught up to me, took my hand, and told me to go back to bed, leading me along. Another time, she heard me taking the shovels, rakes, hoes, tools she had leaned against the back door aside. She took my hand and told me to go back to bed. AND…another time I got clear out of the house and only woke up when I pressed the starter button in my MGA (they had a starter button separate from the ignition key switch). As the car was parked in reverse, it lurched backwards, awakening me. I didn’t have the key, so the ignition wasn’t turned on and the engine didn’t fire.

    There is the story in the Bible when Lot was plied with wine until he passed out (twice), then each of his two daughters got themselves (sorta) pregnant from him. Genesis 19:33-36 This would be a case of women raping a man.
    I don’t know how a man wouldn’t know that he had ejaculated, but maybe it’s possible. It leaves a certain feeling for hours.

  22. Sexsomnia my vicious, irreverent ass.

    You need to be LUCID to rape someone. Doesn’t ANYONE who uses this excuse realize that rape is not a simple action like thrashing in your sleep?

    First at the VERY LEAST…you need to accurately identify your victim’s body. Good luck doing that in your sleep. Good luck determining IN YOUR SLEEP what way someone is lying.

    Then you have to take their clothes off. Good luck doing that IN YOUR SLEEP.

    The rest, I can’t bring myself to type because it pisses me off too badly.

    This disgusts me nearly to death. The world never ceases to bend over backwards to accommodate the rape of women, but punishes women if they do anything but take it quietly, smile, and shut up about it.

    This world is a fucking vomitorium.

  23. Look at all you petty little feminist cunts. Stomping around, banging your fists against the wall, whining, crying about the patriarchal society we live in. Get the fuck over it – we’ve been living in it since the dawn of time in almost every single society or species EVER. You’re all pathetic saying things like “a women has to lay there and take it quietly, smile, and shut up about it.” God I wish that really were the case and all of you cunts would shut the fuck up, stop yammering, and make me a GOD DAMN SAMMICH BITCH.

    P.S. You feminist freaks preach you want equality for both sexes, but you really want suffrage of males to make up for your hardships. SHUT THE FUCK UP you can vote, get a job, fuck who you want, marry who you want… Cry me a god damn river and get the fuck over it.

  24. Hi
    I think my dad may have this “disease”. My mum hasn’t said much but i’m taking a guess. She has made claims in the past that he rapes her but she was in a bad state so I took no notice. The other night she asked me to get her food from the takeaway but i didn’t see the message till I was home. She was in the bathroom crying, brushing her teeth furiously. My dad seemed confused as to why she was crying. I’m guessing that sexsomnia may be responsible. It has been said that an attacker forgets and doesn’t remember the assault. Earlier she sent me a message while I was out but again I didn’t see it till I was home. She said to tell my dad nothing as he has a sleep walking problem and doesn’t like it when she’s had a takeaway. This whole subject has left me feeling very uncomfortable and confused so naturally I went to google for answers. I would appreciate some advice, I don’t quite know what to do.

  25. Thank you for writing this article about Sexsmonia. Sexsomnia is a very misundertood parasomnia that needs much more research.

    I was diagnosed with severe sexsomnia in 2006 and I can tell you, from personal experience, that it is very frightening and scary. I am doing much better since my diagnosis but not because of medication. Perhaps lighter forms of sexsomnia can be treated with medicine but in my case it only served to exacerbate my illness.

    My sexsomnia improved by addressing the underlying causes (triggers) in a healthy and productive manner. Essentially, psychotherapy. I have found that sexsomnia is like cancer in that it cannot be completely cured, at best all one can really do is identify their triggers and learn to use them to mitigate future sexsomnia episodes. Like cancer, the goal is remission. I use cancer as an analogy because a person does not choose to have sexsomnia or cancer, they are simply the realities of life and the cards we were dealth. It is upon us, the afflicted, to do the best we can to address our respective conditions in a healthy and constructive way.

    I recently launched a site, Sexsomniacs Journey, as a place for Sexsomniacs, those that love us, and the curious to convene in a safe, understanding, accepting, and friendly environment. I sincerely hope that we will grow into a strong and vibrant online community that shares our experiences with each other and assists one another to get better.

    Sexsomniacs Journey is one stop shopping for all matters pertaining to sexsomnia. From articles, news, and studies by the leading psychologists and psychiatrists to defining sexsomnia (courtesy of Wikipedia), discussing triggers, and having an open forum to encourage conversation about what all of us are going through. New content is being added constantly as it is found on the web, posted by members, or myself.

    Again, I greatly appreciate apprising everyone of Sexsomnia. I would like to partner with you to increase Sexsomnia Awareness. Please visit Sexsomniacs Journey and contact me directly if interested. Thank you.

    Take care and be well.

  26. Unfortunately you’ve chosen the wrong case to make this point. In fact Jason Jeal didn’t even claim to have been sleepwalking at the time, and the Mail have got this wrong.

  27. Thank you for saying what I could not. I went out on my own today with the dogs for the first time in years! I was raped in my own home but I felt that any man was a threat outside of my home after my experience .
    The internet is a massive get out clause for rapists.

  28. My room mate sleepwalks. He is probably the one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Since he sleep walks I usually keep my door locked mainly because I get super pissy when I get woken up. Not because I was afraid of him. It is mostly bumping into walls and babbeling nonsense, or jsut wondering all over the house. But the other night that all changed. I fell asleep watchign TV so my door was not locked. He came in and I know it is not legally rape but it feels like it. The same feelings of helplessness, fear, anger, are all there. but now you add in that he has no idea what he did and then the confusion starts swirl around. I could not move….. I was afraid to wake him up. Google sleepwalking and the first thing they tell iis that trying to wake them up can turn them violent. I couldn’t think fast enough to even process anything…. I was woken up out of a dead sleep. By the time I realized what was going on it was to late. I had issues with sleep walking when I was on Ambien. I stopped taking it when I woke up in my car. I read every newspaper and th local police reports for days to see there were any accidents or hit and runs that could have been my fault. I lived alone so I had no idea until I woke up in my car that I was sleep walking. But mine was an easy fix…. stop the medicene. I have no idea what to do. Do I tell him? What if I get pregnant? He can’t jsut stop a medicene…. This is not gonna go away. I am afriad if I tell him this will destroy him. He is too nice a guy to feel like a……… a rapist. I can’t do that to him. This is so horrrible, but part of me wants to tell him just so I don’t feel alone in this. But that is not fair…. nothing about this is ok, but no one is to blame either…. it is easier when you have someone you can direct all the hoorible feelings at.

  29. Yes you are correct sleepwalking can be horribly disastrous as it turned out for me that black night.Since that night’s story haven’t been informed by me to anyone but i have guts enough by now to explain the each and every move of the story in the single breath . That day i was left alone at my house with my brother sleeping besides in my room.As i was busy searching for various things through my books. I suddenly caught up thirst. Therefore i went to the kitchen to fetch up water and quench up my thirst ,my brother of whose disorder of sleeping was not known to anyone till date got up from the in sleep and came towards me and leaned a bit .I got scared on his suspicious moves but dared to go closer to him hoping he was just kidding.I called or say yelled for his name to scare him and pay him back his deed through the prank but he all of sudden he jumped towards grabbed my hand and threw .I was confused for i was being thrown by my brother but didn’t had time to react at all.He then came to closer to me ,i in a feeling of disgust and horror .But he kept following and grabbed at once raped me almost for 3 hours and then he fell unconscious .Next morning he woke up as usual with no clue of the last night

  30. But…….I really think that he was not to be blamed at all as if it was just his sleeping disorder which made him do such an unpardonable crime.

    1. It has been 8 years I still walk the path of my night mare! I’ve had a hysterectomy although they could not understand why I was in so much pain. Could it be physiological? Maybe! I am soiled. I cannot explain how much this has taken from me. Do not make excuses for those who suffer with sexomnia! It is a medical condition I understand that but get treated for it ! If you know you suffer don’t drink!!! Be safe in your ‘condition ‘ understand the impact it would have on your victim !

  31. I am a lesbian woman and I sometimes have been told by my girlfriend that I talk in my sleep and have tried to initiate sex with her but am clearly asleep (saying things that don’t make sense, etc, as though I am in a dream). I have never been able to remember any of these incidents! I did a lot of research and found out that some people’s bodies don’t go into normal paralyzation and they act out their dreams. If I didn’t have this experience myself, I never would have believed the experiences of these men. What a horrible, horrible messy situation. We must all remember that to be human is not a neat and tidy thing, and that our justice system is far from perfect.

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