What if you could buy social justice?

Today is not only “Day Without a Gay,” but also marks my first guest post. Yippeee! I am extremely honored that Renee of Womanist Musings sees my work as worthy of being published at her most excellent blog. (I am also especially pleased that the series is launching today as it coincides with the aim of “Day Without a Gay” and the call to NOT CONSUME as a form of activism.) The post is entitled “What if you could buy social justice?” and is the first of a ten part series. Go here to read it.

The next 9 parts, which will be posted approximately every other day, are as follows:

Part 2: The One True Religion: Consumerism

Part 3: The Temple of Wal-Mart

Part 4: The Church of Disney

Part 5: The Mall as a Place of Worship

Part 6: Wearing Justice: T-shirts, Bracelets, and Ribbons, Oh my!

Part 7: Driving Your Way to Eco-Freedom: The ‘Go Green’ Message on Auto-drive

Part 8: Saving the world Oprah style: I’ll give you a million dollars to save the world…

Part 9: Think Pink: Cancer Profiteering

Part 10: Avoiding the ATM: Breaking the Consumerist Mindset


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