What if menstruation was accepted as a fact of life rather than cause for shock and awe? Reading around the I-pad

The clip below, from MadTV in 2007, muses on the need for an I-pad to have “vaginal firewall protection.” Though hilarious, it does trade in the “ewww, periods are so gross” paradigm criticized in the recent “The iPad: Love It or Hate It, but Leave Periods Out of It” post from Kate Dailey.

As noted in The I-Pad Oh My Periods from Womanist Musings, “Moving from we can’t talk about periods because they are dirty to tee hee is not really any form of progress.”

Or, as asked over at Feministig, The iPad: Where are the women on Apple’s branding team?”
Might all the “tee-hee-ing” going on (as Renee calls it) indicate some internalized misogyny on women’s part (as asked in this thoughtful post here at Gourmet Goddess)? Or might it, as the Goddess questions, suggest feminists need to “grow up,” sharing that “ I do think the fact that a name like the iPad is cause for such vocal derision by feminists, of all people, just shows how far we feminists have to go to fully accept ourselves as women.”

I partially agree, but I also know I wouldn’t really like a product named after hemorrhoidal cream (the iItch?) or after semen (the iCum?). Yes, females bleed, we have periods – they are not something to silence or mock, but neither are they something I want to think about all the time. But, then again, the name I-pad didn’t make me think of menstruation – perhaps because I am a fan of the diva cup. Now there’s a good name, the iDiva.


One thought on “What if menstruation was accepted as a fact of life rather than cause for shock and awe? Reading around the I-pad”

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has resisted the commenting of the iPad name and menstruation. Although I can understand a day or two of jokes, it is amazing how long this is still going on for. From the looks of my Facebook feeds, this trend still has a while to go before it dies down.

    It sucks that menstruation is being criminalized based on the name of a technological device. Looking through who has made these jokes, it is quite apparent that most of my guy-friends have bothered making a deal out of it (and maybe only 1-2 girls). Being an owner of a blog and on the topic of menstruation, I was really contemplating on whether I wanted to jump in on the whole iPad thing. I decided everyone has already saturated the internet with those jokes and I didn’t want to be a part of it, especially because I’m a male who wants to promote the idea of men positively viewing menstruation and the likes.

    I hope this ends soon, I’m tired of seeing my Facebook feeds with useless mockeries of the iPad and iPon. The iDiva is definitely a spunky name =D The fact the MTV skit was made well before the iPad came to form really scares me!

    – Prexus
    Author of MEN in Menstruation

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