What if you are “Team Fat Vampire”?

Fat hatred is ubiquitous in US culture, abhorred as a sign of laziness, stupidity, and gluttony. Given that last one, it seems like we might have a few fat vampires amongst the contemporary undead grazing our television screens, our movie theatres, and the pages of many a books. Alas, fat-positive vampires don’t get much play. Just as most characters in film and television are thin in the extreme, so too are most vampires. This post, which is part of my new “Monstrous Musings” column housed over at Womanist Musings, ponders why there are (virtually) no fat vampires. Please give it a read and add to the comment thread!


One thought on “What if you are “Team Fat Vampire”?”

  1. Here’s my guess…sticking with the Anne Rice mythos, that one keeps the form they had when they were made vampires.

    When Edward Cullen was vampirized, he was dieing influenza in 1918. So, there was no ubiquitous junk food, and he was sick, (probably losing weight) before he died.

    The Sookie Stackhouse series has a non-beatiful vampire.

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