What if being a feminist is just too hard?

Recent conversation between 11 year-old-daughter and 13-year-old son on drive home from school:

Son: “Mom, it’s really hard to be a feminist. Especially when you are a boy.”

Daughter: “It’s hard for girls too! Nobody wants to be your friend if you speak up about  stuff.”

Son: “It’s hard being a feminist KID. It’s not easy like it is for you mom…”

Oh, if only they knew, being a feminist is NEVER easy, but SO, SO worth it…


One thought on “What if being a feminist is just too hard?”

  1. I submit that it’s difficult to be ANYTHING out of the ordinary, especially when that thing involves preaching to people about why everything they like is wrong. I distinctly remember a Christian kid in 4th grade who’d regularly be attacked and threatened (as in, “give me your bible or I’ll break your neck”) for his beliefs…by other Christian kids. For being preachy.

    You aren’t alone.

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