What if you need to add/crash a course?

I am well aware that the education budget in California is decimating the CSU system I work for. I feel student’s pain each semester when there are not enough classes or when courses they need are full.

However, the lack of courses is not under my personal control.

Turning students away is tough, and each semester more and more people line up (virtually and in person) to try to crash courses. This results in MANY urgent emails. As such, as an update to the post “What if you plan to email your professor?” I would like to add a few more (cranky) suggestions, especially as my inbox is currently over-flowing with students who MUST, simply MUST add my class, or they might die!

So, a few hints for those hoping to add my course or get on the wait list:

1.      It would help if you tell me what course you are trying to add! Wish I only taught one a semester, but as I teach five, I need to know which course and at what time.

2.      If you spell my name wrong, fill your email with mistakes, or address me with “Hey” as the salutation, your likelihood of getting in to my course will be significantly lowered.

3.      If you really want to add my class, display you know what it is and what it’s about – something that appears to be a mass-produced query is likely not going to get you on any waiting list any time soon.

4.      Emails like the one below are not conducive to securing a spot on the wait list:

“Hi. I email you and email you and no reply. You remember? Yesterday I email you again. Did you remember? I think I am first on waiting list as I been emailing you lots. Can I get permission number to add now? I really want to took your class. Reply to me asap. Give me permission number to add.”

Such emails indicate what type of student the person sending the email is likely to be.

Who would want to add someone likely to be a constant thorn in one’s side (and one’s inbox!), who can’t bother to take the time to either come to office hours or the class itself LET ALONE name what class they are hoping to take, who’s papers will be difficult to grade, and who is a bossy boots? Not me!

For those trying to add, kindness and good grammar go along way. So does knowing my name, the title of the course, and what the course entails. All this should go without saying, but in the age of ATM Education and entitlement on over-drive, it sadly does not…

3 thoughts on “What if you need to add/crash a course?”

  1. Too true, Pam.
    Clarissa – insane, yes. Such is the life of a non-tenure track lecturer trying to afford the cost of living in California…

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