I am excited to announce that the blog created by students in my Feminist Activism class at Cal State San Marcos, WTF!,  launched today! Woot woot!

Students felt the creation of such a blog from our campus community was particularly crucial at this time due to the arrival of the sexist and racist paper The Koala (covered by Anna North at Jezebel recently), the presence of pro-life extremists on our campus, and the appearance of “noose grafitti” in campus bathrooms (covered in my earlier post here).

Thus far, the WTF! blog has posts on sexism in the workplace, LGBTQ rights, single motherhood, The Koala  and much more (with more posts on the Occupy movement, World AIDS day, and many other topics forthcoming soon!) The anti-Koala poem has already been attacked by pro-Koala commenters, so please visit that post to voice your opinion regarding hate speech vs free speech.

If you could spread the word about the blog and encourage your networks to read the blog and comment, that would be very much appreciated. Students could use the encouragement and feedback as brand-new bloggers!

Also, the WTF! writers will be putting out a “call for contributors” soon and anyone can guest post so if you or people you know are interested in guest blogging, please considering submitting to WTF!

The blog is called WTF! We’re the future and can be found at wtfcsusm.wordpress.com.

4 thoughts on “What if you want to support student activists and new feminist bloggers? WTF! is the answer!

  1. Cool! I have to say, I love the name. One question, do they have a defined acronym for “WTF!” ? Besides it’s common meaning, the first thing that came to my mind was “What the feminist!” and it made me laugh. Then I remembered how some people do think of “feminist” as a bad work, and it made me think. I didn’t see anything on the site about the name, but I also am at the end of my lunch break and skim through a few (well written I must say) posts. I look forward to reading through them after work.

  2. I can tell you that it officially stands for “We’re The Future!”, but unofficially it can also refer to feminism. We’re trying to avoid “the other f-word” and use “social justice” instead, but I think many people liked the idea of (to use a silly metaphor) letting our feminist petticoat peek under the social activism dress.

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