The author of this blog lives, loves, and teaches in San Diego. She believes the questions this blog poses do not have easy answers. However, she knows war is not the answer, corporatism is not the answer, militarized globalization is not the answer. She knows the sexual objectification of women is not the answer, that heteronormativity is not the answer, white privilege is not the answer, and patriarchy is not the answer.

As a professor, she highly values education and believes a populace that learns about the true history of our world (Howard Zinn style) and the true reality of our present (non-corporate owned media style) could go a long ways towards making the world a better place. As one of her favorite bumper stickers asks, she wonders why there is always money for war, but not for education.

She is interested in all the ‘isms’ that govern our world and how they intersect. She is against most (racism, sexism, militarism, classism, ageism, ableism) and for others (feminism, pacifisim, and certain strands of humanitarianism/humanism).

She has many faults (she can’t seem to cure herself of consumerism and has a particular weakness for shoes), and some strengths (she is great with the comma and is dedicated to doing her small part to make this a peace-lovin, woman-lovin, all colors, and genders, and sexualities, and bodies lovin planet). She loves theory (especially Judith Butler, Susan Bordo, and Jane Caputi) and literature (especially Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood, Sarah Waters, and George Orwell).

She loves teaching and feels extremely privileged that she makes her living as a professor. She is happy to live in an internet age where she can blog to her heart’s delight but wishes people could get off their damn cell phones once in awhile.

She has two feminist children, one female dog, one female cat, and way too many clothes in her closet.

She is a film and television junkie and thinks DVR and Netflix are both fantabulous inventions. She refuses to text message and is not very MP3 savvy (or tech savvy in general).

If she knew she was going to be stuck on a desert island and could only pick one person from the Lost cast to join her, she would choose Kate. The one food she cannot live without is chocolate.

15 thoughts on “The professor who dares to ask what if…

  1. Don’t worry — I have caught the blogging bug and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

    Thanks for your kind words and encouragement!

  2. Hey Professor: it’s good to see that your against alot of isms-me too- xcept I don’t much care for feminism in such fields as history, psychology and education.

    Gosh-we have alot in common!!!!

    Now if I were stuck on a deserted island with someone else it had better not be with a man!

  3. agreed.

    I started wondering if the Breast cancer awareness campaigns were aimed at White women because all these commercials showed little diversity. I never hear about lupus or sickle cell or even a “cheerful, we will survive” message aimed at AIDS. I would wonder if the money is going towards people in the united states who were not the target audience. I’ve come to hate the color pink because its SOOOO over associated with females!

    EveyYear a group of sororities on my campus hold their “march for/run for/ Stand in the street and hold PINK signs asking drivers for money when they get to the stop sign for ” breast cancer routine. AVON is ALWAYS selling something for Breast cancer.

    Ugh…..They killed it. Just like they killed the Green Movement.

  4. Dear Professor,

    Love your blog.
    I’m a gender studies academic in Australia. I’d like to include your post on wall-E in my course readings for Intro to GS – with proper acknowledgement of course. Is this possible?


  5. Dear Professor:

    I’m the Communications Director at Breast Cancer Action. We’re a watchdog of the breast cancer industry – pointing out social inequities in breast cancer treatment, mis-steps by Big Pharma and the FDA, and ways in which we all might be involuntarily exposed to carcinogens. Our websites are and

    I’m wowed by your writing and insight. Would you be interested in doing a piece for our Newsletter sometime?

  6. Greetings Professor What If,

    I am in a terminal masters program in San Diego. I’m looking for a PhD program in SD that will allow me to focus on queer theory and edgy sexuality. Any recommendations? Thanks for the awesome blog!

  7. Widowcentauri,
    Terminal masters program? Sounds painful. Can’t help in SD, though Clairemont up the road a stitch has some great queer theory scholars and courses. Further north, a friend just did an MA with emph on queer theory at SF state.

  8. I read on the Onely website, which posted a link to this blog, that you also have another blog about Twilight from a feminist perspective. I am a student of Women and Gender studies, a feminist and also something of a Twilight fan, in spite of myself. I was VERY curious about it and can’t seem to find it. Could you help me out? Thanks!

  9. hey professor,
    a bbig thanks to you. i get a lot of information and inspiration from from your blog. i have just stated one of my own, which would deal with gender issues and debates. i created it as a first step towards delving deep into gender studies. hope you and your readers would like to visit.
    its called:

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