What if links – 2/6/10

Any Lost fans? If so, please check out my first Pop Goes Feminism at Girl with Pen

Renee, as per usual, has a great list of links at today’s “Drop it Like It’s Hot”

For another great link round-up, check out Gender Accross Borders here.

DNMP Politico has more good links of the week here.

Ah, we need more hours in the day to read all these blogs!

Happy Saturday everyone.


What if you need a dose of humor, a helping hand, or some carnival brain-fun? (Sunday link love – or Sunday blog worship, whichever you prefer)

For the humor:

I found this thanks to the wonderfully slanted Kevin of A Slant Truth whose “Much Obliged” post featured Coyote Crossing (among many other great blogs). When I was having a look-see of all the great blog links, I found this uproarious image by Chris Clarke of Coyote Crossing. Wow, how come I didn’t see this one at the San Diego Museum of Man (sic)???

For the helping hand:

Kevin’s “Much Obliged” post (noted above) offers a “helping hand,” reaching out to bloggers who have inspired his work as well as to those whom he thinks more hands should be clicking on. (Thanks for including me, Kevin. Due to many a recent negative comments at my blog, your helping hand couldn’t have come at a better time. It felt like a big nice pat on the back that encourages me to keep on blogging…)

For carnival brain fun:

See The 67th Carnival of Feminists at Jump off the Bridge. The carnival was put together by the wonderful Frau Sally Benz and is brimming with fun food for the brain. Enjoy! (And thanks for including me Frau Sally!)

Now, be off with you — click that mouse tell your clicker finger is sore. That is what I call some good Sunday blog worship.

What if the Sunday papers included information like this? Links for the week 5.30.08-6.6.08

Seven odds-and-ends for seven days of the week, plus a bonus death post. Happy reading!

1. Over at Don’t Do That Harriets Daughter posted “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro” by Frederick Douglass. It serves as great reminder that so-called independence is not for everyone. As HD reminds us, “the wealth and power of this nation is due in large part, if not the whole, to the systematic program of genocide against one people and the forced enslavement of another”

2. Next Stop Iran: At the New Yorker, in “Preparing the Battlefield,” Seymour Hersh analyzes the Congressional approval of “major escalation of covert operations against Iran.” Yeah, cuz that’s just what the world needs, more war.

3. At SocialistWorker.org, in “Stupid, Racist, or Both,” Dave Zirin discusses the latest proof that Don Imus is indeed both stupid and racist. In my favorite bit of the piece, he opines

It is ridiculous that people like Sean Hannity–who are all for shredding the Constitution when it comes to the rights of antiwar protesters or detainees in the “war on terror”–wrap themselves in the Bill of Rights and champion the First Amendment and “free speech” when it comes to Imus.

This has nothing to do with free speech. This is about whether blatant racism is acceptable both in sports and on commercial radio. This is about whether we embrace the idea that with a microphone comes some measure of responsibility.

4. Renee at Womanist Musings reported that Thomas Beatie gave birth to a healthy baby (does it matter if the baby is female or male?) and called for the acceptance of a more fluid definition of gender. Yes, this is desperately needed as evidenced by the trangender inequality video posted here at Queers United.

5. Women’s E News reports on Jasmyne Cannick’s efforts to put an end blackface performances “that mock the plight and lives of African American men and women.” Cannick has launched a national campaign targeting Charles Knipp’s character Shirley Q. Liquor, a virulently racist, misogynistic ‘act’ that earns Knipp between $70,000 to $90,000 a year. She is also critical of Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, and Martin Lawrence for their blackface performance. (I would add that Murphy also enacts racist yellowface performances, among others.) See the full article here for an analysis of why blackface is not funny.

6. In “The Global Seed Police” over at Counterpunch Binoy Kampmark discusses the documentary The World According to Monsanto, the “corporate bully” that is working feverishly to patent seeds to the detriment of world farmers. Vandana Shiva (eco-feminist extraordinaire) critiques the “rhetoric of salvation” used by Monsanto, noting their aim “has little to do with ‘food security’ and everything to do with ‘returns to Monsanto’s profits’. The real aim here is patenting, and the corporate giant is in the business of biopiracy, targeting local markets and industries to gain an unassailable market share.”

7. The Feminist Daily News Wire reports that Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals ruled that graphic abortion images are protected speech. See the full story here. And, to counter this appalling news, see also here for the news that “twenty-two states and the District of Columbia have refused millions of federal dollars allotted for abstinence-only education programs for the upcoming fiscal year.” This represents a 40% drop in acceptance. Yippee – the nation is finally waking up to the abysmal failure of abstinence only ed!

And, as a bonus, a death for the week:

For a detailed account of Jesse Helms hate spewing rhetoric and actions from 1963 until his death (just in case you need reminding that he was not the wonderful man the mainstream media is making him out to be) see Lindsay Beyerstein’s post at Majikthise.

What if the Sunday papers included information like this? Links for June 23-28, 2008

As I appreciate so many of the links and read-a-rounds of the bloggers I read, I have decided to do a weekly link round up of my own.

I wish that everyone were reading news like this in their Sunday papers rather than the same-old same-old msm corporate controlled (dis)information…

  1. Over at Counterpunch at the beginning of the week, Robert Fantina questioned McCain’s claim that the recent Supreme Court ruling that granted Gauntanamo prisoners the ability to seek redress in civilian courts is “one of the worst decisions in the history of this country.” As his post, “McCain, Racism, and the Supreme Court,” suggests, apparently giving prisoners habeas corpus rights is WORSE than the Dred Scott decision. Perhaps we should call him John McRasict.
  2. At the Labor is Not a Commodity blog, Tim Newman explored the exploitation of sugar workers in Brazil and examines how this links to the biofuel boom. This post serves as an important reminder of labor rights and how corporatism fuels global exploitation.
  3. Cortney at A Feminist Response to Pop Culture in The Feminist Blogosphere is a Site of Resistance” posted on blogging feminist activism. Hurrah!
  4. Wal*Mart Watch analyzed Pink magazine’s article on the women of Wal*Mart here. As the post notes, focusing on a few “top women” at Wal*Mart in order to suggest this corporation is saving its soul leaves out the majority of women that Wal*Mart screws over with its inhumane labor polices both here and abroad.
  5. Womanist Musings mused about “Policing the Muff” in her typical smart, funny style, asking why the “nether regions” need trimming. Reminded me of the muff-policing scene in the Sex and the City movie. Oh yeah, how empowering, attack your best buddies for their ‘overgrown’ pubes!
  6. Dave at The Fanonite posts on the anti-Arab message of the film Don’t Mess With Zohan. I haven’t seen the film, but it sounds like yet another movie to trade in the “oh isn’t racism funny” stance.
  7. And, to limit myself to seven posts for the seven days of the week, the inimitable WOC PhD posted an update on Maria Isabel Vazquez’s death and the urgent need to protest Trader Joe’s stocking of Two Buck Chuck (and to fight for farm workers rights). See her post for more information and links.

Lastly, I will throw in a book recommendation for the week, Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism coming out in paperback TODAY. Get thee to a library/bookstore and get stuck in this great book (first published last fall). See Klein interviewed here where she briefly describes the concept of disaster capitalism (and shares that homeland security is now a 200 billion dollar industry – jiminy cricket that’s one heaping load of corporatist windfall!)