The tone and content of Professor What If is likely to offend some. Those unable to appreciate sarcasm, irony, and tongue-in-cheekedness may want to feed their brains elsewhere.

If you are already hip to anti-racism, feminism, activism, pacifism, humanitarianism and all the other good -isms, I hope you enjoy my what if musings and will become part of the conversation. Please email your ideas for what if posts to nkwc at cox dot net.

Those who don’t believe in true equality and opportunity for everyone on the planet may find themselves getting all hotheaded over the analysis offered in these posts. So, if you think having a penis makes you better or insist white privilege doesn’t exist while blithely reaping the benefits of it each day, you may find yourself shouting at the computer screen while reading this blog. However, the claims that bother us most are often the ones we need to examine – so, I encourage you (if your mind is at least a smidgen open) to keep reading and questioning this blog.

Professor What If seeks to ask: What if the world was different? What if we lived on a planet not governed by a white supremacist, corporatist, militarist patriarchy? What if we lived in a society that truly valued diversity and was not addicted to power, wealth, and image? What if we admitted we do not have the answers, that we are woefully inadequate at shaping a globe in which all people have access to clean water, to education, to reproductive justice, to health care, to the pursuit of happiness that comes not at the expense of others or the imposition of power?

Via a focus on popular culture, politics, intersectional -isms, language, theory, and academia/education this blog seeks to explore pertinent questions about social justice and equity. The questioning format of the posts is intended to reveal that the many interlocking systems of privilege and oppression that shape our world do not have easy answers.

The what if stance also is predicated on the belief that our world is socially constructed and that each of us are profoundly shaped by the world in which we live, the people with which we interact, and the geo-political frame we inhabit. We may resist these socio-cultural mappings, but we nevertheless are shaped by a world that values men over women, whites over non-whites, the heterosexual over the non-heterosexual, the person who fits into gender norms over the person who does not, the able-bodied over the disabled, ill, or aging. We inhabit a world that values the wealth over ethics, the so-called ‘first-world’ over the rest of the world, the religious over the secular, power over cooperation, militarization over peace, the individual over the collective, and corporatism over the environment. While many people do not agree with and actively resist these hierarchies, the global agenda is profoundly shaped by these paradigms. I encourage my readers to ask: What if this were not the case?!?

4 thoughts on “The what if blog…

  1. Well, I’ve found your “What If”s to be quite inspiring, starting with your post: What if those bruises are just “Decorations”? I’m a huge Anti-twilight fan so it was great, but I’ve enjoyed it all! Professor What If, I would like to present you with a Very Inspiring Blogger Award, because you inspire me to say “What If…” more! just follow the link to claim it. Feel free to pass on all the other steps, this is just my way of saying thanks for your inspiration!

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