I was recently honored with three different blog awards from 4 other bloggers.

Renee of Womanist Musings, Rachel Cervantes of Tilting at Windmills, Eric of Eric Stoller, and Kevin of A Slant Truth, thank you profusely!

Seeing as I only started bloggin in May 2008, I am very excited that I have readers, let alone awards!

Thanks to all my readers as well. Your readership is what keeps me blogging and gives me hope we can indeed blog our way to a better, more equitable world.

I hope to keep delivering posts that keep you all coming back for more.

Keep reading to learn about 12 other blogs I am nominating for kick ass and brilliant awards because we all need more brilliant ass kickery in our lives!

Womanist Musings and Eric Stoller honored me with a Kick Ass Blogger award . Right back at ya, people!

In keeping with the tradition of honoring other bloggers and sharing the link love (and via the power vested in me from the intellectually riveting Renee and the always erudite Eric), I hereby award Kick Ass Blogger awards to these ass-kickin’ blogs:

The Minority Militant – MM offers a brilliant “Aggravated Assault On Mainstream America” (his blog tagline) in a voice dripping with sarcasm, razor-sharp wit, and a wonderfully refreshing militant tone. As one of the first readers and commenters on my own blog, he has a special place in my blogging heart! He writes kick-ass posts from an anti-racist, anti-bullshit, anti-United States of Amnesia perspective. Check out this blog and join the militant cause!

The Feminist Underground – This blog kicks some serious ass and uncovers current issues of sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism and every other type of hateful paradigm in post after brilliant post. Habladora brings issues kicking and screaming out from the underground and puts them under her laser-like scrutiny. If you are not already reading TheFU, add it to your feed reader and treat yourself to some kick ass analysis from the second innocence crew.

Appetite for Equal Rights – I love the title of this blog and I love the ironic 50’s-esque image of the woman carrying a tray of food in the sidebar. The posts cook up some serious questions about how far we still are from equality in a style that is concise and clever. Lucy would definitely approve!

Oh, You’re a Feminist – Yet another brilliant blog title! And, the content kicks ass too! Feminist Gal delivers up smart, well researched, excellently argued prose with heavy doses of sharp analyis and wit. She is an activist, a feminist, and a great writer – what more could you want in a blog author?

Onely – Christina and Lisa blog about about β€˜being onely’ (single) in a couple-normative world. I like this blog for its fresh content and unique take on heteronormativity. Analyzing the cultural obsession with monogamy, commitment, and coupledom, this blog works under the premise that “when society values those who are in heterosexual, monogamous relationships at the expense of people who are not in heterosexual relationships (or relationships, period), we think it’s wrong.” Yeah, me too. Check out this relatively new blog whether you are an onely, an onely ally, or a wanna be onely!

Kevin of A Slant Truth honored me with a Brilliante Weblog award. Well, I think his blog is brilliant too (and LOVE the Emily Dickinson inspired blog name). Too spread the love, I am awarding the BW to seven others blogs that I think are, you guessed it, brilliant:

Don’t Do That – A blog by the wonderful Harriet’s Daughter whose voice is incisive, critical, witty, and excellently erudite. The blog covers racism, sexism, and activism (among other things) from a noticeably reasoned standpoint. If you want to read more about the do’s and do not’s of creating an equitable world, give this blog a visit.

Menstrual Poetry – The title of the blog alone is beyond brilliant. As the tagline promises, this blog offers a “feminist response to just about everything.” Moreover, it does so in an perceptive, comprehensive, provocative, and inspiring way. It ain’t just menstrual poetry, it’s menstrual brilliance!

Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was smart like me? – To answer the question posed in this blog’s name, well, I wish everyone’s girlfriend and boyfriend – and well, just EVERYONE – was as smart and witty as Linda Beth. A uber-great feminist blog that, as the tagline reads, offers “cultural commentary and media analysis with a shot of feminism and a twist of wit.”

Queers United – This self-proclaimed activist hub for all things LGBTQ covers queer history, activism, events, issues, people, you name it. I find their “Word of the Gay” series and the “Queering up History” posts particularly brilliant.

Jump off the Bridge – Frau Sally Benz blogs from a feminist/activist perspective. Her posts are funny, crisp, critical, and addictive. Go on – take the jump, read this brilliant blog.

Uppity Brown Woman – She’s uppity, she’s brown, and she’s brilliant! Biting sarcasm, incisor sharp wit, and awesome analysis. If this is what uppity looks like, I want to be uppity! (Plus, like me, she’s a TV junkie.)

Stuff White People Do – A brilliant anti-racist blog! Macon D. analyzes white privilege via his revelatory posts on stuff that white people do. Great posts, great links, and a great sense of humor. Something all people should be doing (and especially those POWPs who deny white privilege), is checking out this blog!

18 thoughts on “What if you need more kick ass, brilliant blogs to read?

  1. OOOO – thanks! We love you, too! And you’ve put us up with such good company!

    Also, I like how you’ve done the abbreviation – TheFU. FU always just makes me snicker too much, and TFU makes me think of tofu, which then makes me hungry. TheFU, though, that’s clever. Thanks πŸ˜‰

  2. Is it an honor if it’s well deserved? Whatever, this blog is a bright spot in a sometimes dreary blog world. Keep it up!

  3. Wow…I am amazingly flattered reading what you wrote about MenstrualPoetry. It’s great to hear stuff like that and thank you so much for the blog award, it means a lot to me!

  4. Hey, what an honor, thanks! Especially to be getting it from you–your blog is most splendiferous, and I appreciate the great and useful work you do on it.

  5. Thanks so much for the “shout out.” We are very appreciative for your attention, and of course we LOVE your site as well for your wonderful, engaging, and risky questions/ing!!!

    May all the bestest, edgiest sites rock on!

    Cheers, =) Lisa and Christina!

  6. Habladora,
    Glad you like ‘TheFU.’ When you are rich and famous and talking about the blog on Oprah, please give me a shout out in regards to my abbreviating! Ha!

    Yeah, I still think it’s an honor. I would feel rather big headed and self important otherwise… But I do see your point regarding the meaning of the word ‘honor.’

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    So glad to hear you are a regular reader. My own blog reading has definitely gone down since the semester started — but I still try to get to those in my feed reader as musch as possible…

    Macon D,
    ‘Splendiferous’ is an absowonderfulsupermegafantasic word! Thanks!

    I am so excited to be causing feed reader induced excitement. Yeah!

    “May all the bestest, edgiest sites rock on!” — I second that with huge amounts of splendiferous excitement!

  7. I am late in responding to this, what with the start of the new semester and all. But thank you so much for including me – I am honored!

    I love your blog – it’s premise and the things you have to say. I think you are brilliant!

    Thanks so much!

  8. HD,
    You are more than welcome.
    Glad to hear that I am not tne only academic blogger who is behind on blog stuff! It’s a tough juggling act to teach and continue on with other life duties/desires, eh?

  9. Thank you so much!!! And I can’t wait to check out Onely, that sounds like such a great read, and a lot of what my Master’s thesis was about. Very solind list you compiled!

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    I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website?

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